The name AKIMI comes from the Japanese characters
秋('AKI' - autumn) and 実('MI' - fruit).
Japan is a country with four very distinct seasons, each bearing its own unique, celebrated beauty. From the cherry blossoms in spring to the explosive colors of the autumn leaves, we Japanese observe the changing of the seasons with a deep respect for nature, combined with light‐hearted fun.
We chose the name AKIMI because it is seasons and nature that inspire our collections. Our logo itself is a depiction of the endless cycle of the changing leaves during the four seasons. 

“Change is the only constant,” a philosopher once wrote. But while change can be both exciting and unsettling to us people, nature seems to handle it almost effortlessly, every year it bringing itself back to where it started.  
Like Japan, AKIMI jewelry celebrates natural beauty; in metals, in stones, and in forms that nature itself has designed. As with our festivals, we want to integrate timeless elements with an air of modern playfulness.