Caring for your AKIMI jewelry
Gold Vermeil is a precious metal made with sterling silver and gold.
All of our jewelry is made with K18 gold vermeil and set with natural, cut
and polished gemstones.
The pieces should therefore be worn with great care to ensure a long life
of enjoyment.
 Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on when dressing - after
perfume, lotions, hairsprays, make-up - and the first thing you remove
before undressing. Avoid all contact with chemicals and liquids. Remove
before hair coloring, bathing, cleaning, washing, doing sports, or entering a
pool or sauna.
Do not rub or clean with detergent of any kind, or with any gold or silver
cleaning or polishing solution. Instead, you may lightly rinse with
lukewarm water or wipe gently with a clean, soft, untreated cloth to
remove dirt or debris.
Allow to fully air dry before storing in separate airtight bags to avoid
scratches and oxidation. Store jewelry in a dry and dark place. Keep away
from direct sunlight.